Cabo Grill® is a causal-dining restaurant-franchise that since 2007 is dedicated to offering a relaxed, practical and comfortable experience around seafood tacos, tostadas, salads and entrées with recipes and tastes of the Mexican Pacific. A sea comfort-food place that has been recognized for its value, fresh flavors and creativity and that was strategically established as a very practical and casual seafood option ideally enjoyed by groups of friends, office colleagues and families. 

This year, Cabo Grill® acknowledges its need to refresh itself as a brand and establish a new communication environment to regain its popularity and preference with the adult market and also to connect better with younger segments.
Our job was to create a new communication platform, a campaign with a new tone and graphic territory that celebrates what Cabo Grill® is all about: a relaxed, unpretentious place, with a good and tasty product that eager to summon various market segments. By using its current identity, we defined several messages that seek to position Cabo Grill® as that place to celebrate the “Chillax” and where you always get more than you expect.

The result was a fresher campaign with a new attitude celebrated in a consistent graphic environment, content in voice and tone that display messages that reflect a new personality and a new way to summon the market.
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