A brand new line of adhesive materials for coatings in the construction industry that offers the best quality and convenience in Mexico’s northern market. 
A product line that is born from the trust, value and regional recognition of Gutiérrez Ferreteros® and that, due to its crescent infrastructure and new business units, today offers an intelligent solution to the construction and builders market serving primarily in the area of La Laguna, Coahuila. 

Architects, builders, contractors and specialized applicators.  

A strong brand that celebrates the quality, passion and character of its product and founders. A smart and accessible option that offers reliability for various construction projects, improvements and renovations for residential, corporate and industrial projects that value performance, price and convenience. 


* Algunas de las fotografías solo aparecen de posición y no tienen un uso comercial. Some photographs appear for demonstration and they are not used for commercial purposes.

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