San Felipe Institute grows and gets stronger in a new stage of its history of more than 20 years in the south of Monterrey and now in a new campus in Carretera Nacional. A renewed school with a new educational model that offers a formative environment and an avant-garde, person-centered educational system, focused on creating an active community that aims to make this world a better place in a practical and responsible way. A school in which learning, happiness and transcendence are promoted in everything that is done in its programs and celebrated in its environment.

We created a new identity and communication platform for a brand that is renewed and strengthened as well as the experience tools for its assets and communication forums. A facelift, code and culture for an improved school with a new campus, new growth plans and renewed spirit. 

MATE® es una agencia fundada a partir del trabajo independiente, experiencia en agencias y colaboraciones en proyectos  de Victor Navarro y David Hurtado desde 2009. MATE is an agency founded from independent work, agency experience in projects and collaborations between Victor Navarro and David Hurtado since 2009.
* Algunas de las fotografías solo aparecen de posición y no tienen un uso comercial. Some photographs appear for demonstration and they are not used for commercial purposes.
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