Taquiero® is a new and authentic taco restaurant in Irvine, California, that brings tasty Tijuana-style “trompo” and carne asada tacos and traditional mexican recipes in a modern-casual environment that has become “a must” in the area for eating, dining and beer-drinking occasions.
Taquiero® opened in 2019 with great success since it has managed to connect with its community, has brought the best Mexican ingredients and products and, above all, has managed to offer a comfortable location, best quality, great service and good vibes in a country that loves freshness and original Mexican flavors.
We created a fresh brand loaded with personality, attitude and the basic elements to establish itself institutionally in the USA. 
The Taquiero® brand experience is proudly celebrated in its store’s key touch points, its products and communication efforts where it presents a tasty, enjoyable and friendly taco culture for everybody. 
* Algunas de las fotografías solo aparecen de posición y no tienen un uso comercial. Some photographs appear for demonstration and they are not used for commercial purposes.
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