A new beginning, a new life, a new investment opportunity opens in the historic center of Monterrey. 
A radiant new development made possible by the visión of Fraterna® + Ruba® (Eje Norte®).
Titan Apolo® is a new vertical housing development built in a strategic and convenient location in 
Monterrey, N.L., México, that offers a smarter and optimal lifestyle in a unique package - 161 affordable apartments with access to shops and various social and sports amenities - a property that is recognized 
for its planning, modern architecture, its privileged location, sustainable features, connectivity and zonal integration that welcomes and celebrates a new community. 
Investors, young home-owners, couples, expatriates and young families looking for a smarter, 
optimal housing and better investment opportunities in the city. 

A solid, and inspiring ancient greek name invites to learn and live a new experience in this historic area. 
A contemporary shining brand that opens up, invites and connects with a young and community 
conscious audience. 
* Some photographs appear for demonstration and they are not used for commercial purposes.
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